Delivery bike

6 Oct 2017

Don't you love our  bike - I'm finding it difficult however to get any concrete evidence of who the maker was,  built in the early 1940's it would have been the main mode of transport for the discerning tradesman of the day!  

It has a 22" frame and a 16" front wheel and is very heavy. Absolutely horrible to ride - when you turn the wheel the basket doesn't move! 

We were very tempted to sand it down and give it a good paint but somehow the bits of rust and flaked paint give it a nostalgic elegance - I hope you agree.

A footnote! 

In February 2018 we were really pleased to come across our second delivery bike in an antiques shop and its identical to the one in the advert shown!

Vintage bakers delivery bike

vintage delivery bike to hire
vintage delivery bike to hire
delivery bike
vintage delivery bike to hire in Worcestershire gloucestershire and the cotswolds
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