25 Apr 2018

I love the warmth of colours on these Stoneware pots, ideal for vintage and rustic themed weddings and parties. They have so many uses - flowers of course being the most popular. Whether your florist uses them for lining the aisle or you simply add sunflowers they add a natural and simple quality to displays.

Originally supplied full of preserves and pickles in the 1900's they are often referred to as 'salt jars' due to their second lease of life in Victorian kitchens.

A cookery book from 1897 gives a recipe for 'Jugged Soup' - Vegetables, rice, thinly sliced pork and stock were layered into the jar this was then put into a pan of water, placed in the oven and cooked for four hours. Jugged hare would have been made the same way.

The smaller pots were used for jam and marmalade with waxed paper lids tied with string or rubber bands.

These jars are an ideal size for holding cutlery and napkins, or with spoons in for table numbers, they give a vintage charm to your table decoration.

A Victorian jam bottling factory was unearthed in 2010 during construction of the new Elizabeth train line in central London and thirteen thousand jars were found.

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