Vintage milk churns

20 Sep 2018

rustic milk churns to hire

History of milk churns

Until 1850 milk was transported in heavy, twenty gallon churns made from wood. The milk churn as we know it made from galvanised steel was in production until 1979 when tankers collected milk direct from the farm rather than the farmer having to leave the churns at the side of the road on a specially made stand to be collected by the dairy.

The ten gallon English milk churns we have to hire date from the early 1900's.

Bringing rustic elegance to your event

Milk churns add to a rustic, vintage theme and when filled with flowers give a very special welcome in a doorway and are heavy enough to hold large, tall arrangements without a dreaded topple disaster. If you're doing flowers yourself lavender plants look rustic and natural as do potted geraniums, daisies and bay trees.

Curly willow with fairy lights, a candle display, a Christmas tree or a simple raffia bow. The alternatives are endless for creating a vintage and rustic vibe - I have made a pinterest board with some inspiration and ideas!

milk churn for flower display

The flower displays photographed are from Chrissy at the enchanted florist in Pershore and Holly from flowers of elegance in Droitwich

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