Not just old boxes!

12 Jun 2017

These two simple wooden boxes were made for the mustad company who have have been manufacturing horseshoe nails since 1834 and continue in Norway today. I found them in a workshop (commonly known as Dads shed) full of rusted bolts, washers and of course nails.

Home to the biggest spiders with the dustiest webs 'Dads shed' still after fourty years hangs on to a distant smell of coal and iron and very fond memories ; leather apron clad in front of a roaring furnace Dad would hammer redhot lengths of iron into delicate scrolls around the anvil to grace gates and fences for years to come. The furnace now long gone held a hypnotic glow to me while listening to the rhythmic banging of the hammer all the while waiting for the satisfying hiss of the completed scroll being dunked into water to cool down.

These nail boxes are special.


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